Extra-Curricular Festivals

Students in the High School Orchestra may be interested in participating in orchestra music festivals outside of the school day.  School-sponsored events include:


  • Strings North:  A two-day regional festival for orchestra students in grades 7-12.
  • Junior High District Orchestra: A two-day competitive festival for orchestra students in grades 7-9.
  • PMEA District 1 Honors Orchestra: The most competitive of all the festivals, for advanced orchestra students in grades 9-12.  Students who are interested in Honors Orchestra must complete an audition to be selected.  Auditions are held in mid September.  Students may secure audition music from their private teacher.
  • Senior High District Orchestra: A three-day competitive festival for orchestra students in grades 10-12.  This is the first step in the senior-high festival system.  Students who place well at District Orchestra may advance to:
    • Region Orchestra and then onto:
    • Pennsylvania State Orchestra

Students who choose to participate in these festivals must commit to every part of the festival in order to be considered.  For example, a student who wishes to participate in Senior High District Orchestra must be available on the dates for District, Region and State Orchestras in the event that they would advance through the competition.


Private Lessons

Apart from extra-curricular festivals, private instruction is strongly recommended as a supplemental to what students learn in orchestra class.  Please contact Mr. Neville at nevillec@qvsd.org for recommended teachers for your instrument.


Extra-Curricular Ensembles

Students who are looking for playing opportunities outside of the school day and more regularly than festivals may consider auditioning to join the following groups:

Pittsburgh Youth Symphony Orchestra: http://www.pittsburghyouthsymphony.org/

Pittsburgh Youth Philharmonic Orchestra: http://www.pypo.org/

Pittsburgh Youth Chamber Orchestra: http://www.pyco.info/

Three Rivers Young Peoples Orchestras: http://www.trypo.org/index.php

South Hills Junior Orchestra: http://www.shjo.org/home.html


***IMPORTANT***:  While each of these ensembles can provide students with meaningful and beneficial playing experiences, each of these ensembles is designed to supplement, not replace, the daily music instruction students receive through their school programs.