Page current for 2018-19 season


DATES: July 29 at Quaker Valley Middle School from 5:30-9:30pm.  July 30-August 2 at Quaker Valley Middle School from 9am-5pm; August 3 at Quaker Valley High School from 9am-7:30pm.  Without exception, all of camp is mandatory for all members of the Marching Band. 

FORMS: It is essential that you review the Band Handbook online and complete the medical forms as described in the e-mail you received from Mr. Neville.  If you did not receive this information and wish to be part of the 2018-19 Marching Band, please e-mail Mr. Neville at as soon as possible.

HANDBOOK: Make sure you are completely familiar with the handbook prior to camp. 

MEALS: Snacks and water are provided throughout the day at camp.  Students may bring additional snacks if they choose (no nut products please!).  For lunch, students may choose to either pack a lunch or order lunch via a form that will be e-mailed prior to camp.

-T-shirts and shorts that are light in color and made of a light material
-OLD Tennis shoes–Students will NOT be permitted to march in sandals or barefoot.  Tennis shoes are the only acceptable option.  Old tennis shoes that have already been broken in greatly reduce the risk of getting blisters after a day of marching.  Do not wear new tennis shoes at camp!
-Long sleeved t-shirt, hoodie or light jacket
-SUNSCREEN, lip balm, hat, sunglasses, etc.
-Refillable water bottle
-Instrument and instrument supplies (extra valve oil, reeds, sticks, etc.)
-Music, pencils
-CAMERAS!  Document the fun you’re having!
-Cell phone
-Medications needed during the day (will be coordinated with the nurse)

-Other musical instruments–While I appreciate your enthusiasm, breaks are for well…taking a break.  Kumbaya will have to wait.
-Sports items–Same as above.  Breaks are for taking a break….not for burning up energy working on your ultimate frisbee game.
-Valuables–We are not responsible for lost or stolen items!
-Any other distractors–fidget spinners, video games, computers…whatever.  If it doesn’t help you with playing your instrument or marching on a football field, leave it home!



1. Consistently demonstrate your best effort

2. Don’t be afraid to ask questions and/or ask for help

3. Seek out and listen to the advice of experienced members–they know what they’re talking about!

4. Stay open-minded and trust us–the reason everyone has told you Marching Band is worth it is because…it’s worth it.