Now Current For 2022-23


If you play any percussion instrument, your group is DRUMLINE

If you are a member of the colorguard, your group is COLORGUARD

If you play flute, clarinet, or any size saxophone, your group is WOODWINDS

If you play trumpet, mellophone (marching French horn), baritone, trombone or tuba your group is BRASS

“ALL WINDS” is inclusive of both WOODWINDS and BRASS.

“FULL BAND” is all inclusive of all of the sections of the entire band.


  1. Click Here! to see which music you are to download.
  2. Follow the link you received from Mrs. Gilmore or Mr. Neville to go to the Google Drive with the music download folders.
  3. Print hard copies of your assigned part located in all of the folders (“Pregame,” “Show Music,” “Stands Music” and “Parades.”).

MUSIC PROBLEMS?  E-mail Mrs. Gilmore at


Listen and play along to the following practice recordings to more quickly learn the music in the “Show Music” folder.  Show Music should be memorized as soon as possible.

Show theme: “Back to the ’80’s!”

Back to the Future:

Danger Zone:

Raiders March:

I’m Still Standing: