Sheet Music!



1. Click here for the Wind and Percussion Part Assignments 19-20.   Make note of your specific assignment (i.e. “Flute” or “Trumpet 2”)

2. When you know your part assignment, go to the music folders sent to you from Ms. Benigni (if you did not receive a link from Ms. Benigni, e-mail her at to let her know!).  Select the downloads that best fit your assignment based on what’s available in the folder–for example, if you are assigned to “Trumpet 2,” you’ll select the “Trumpet 2 Parade” download in the “Parade Music” folder, the “Trumpet 2” download in the “Pregame Music” folder, the “Trumpet 2 Show” download in the “Show Music” folder, and the “Trumpet 2 Stands” download in the “Stands Music” folder.

DO NOT ASSUME THAT MUSIC ALREADY IN YOUR FLIP FOLDER IS THE SAME AS WHAT YOU ARE BEING ASKED TO PRINT!  While you’re encouraged to not waste paper if you don’t need to print everything, take special care to compare the music in the folders to what you already have–some part assignments may have changed even if your personal part assignment has not changed.  

3. Print all music and get practicing.  Prioritize learning the show music and pregame music first as these will be our main focus during camp.  Next priority is stands music, which must be ready for our Opening Day performance on August 19.  Parade music should be printed, but is not a priority to learn until later in the season.

4. Bring all printed music to the first rehearsal with all members (July 23)




Theme From “The A-Team”

Theme From “Batman Returns”

Theme From “Spiderman”

Theme From “The Avengers”