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Quaker Valley was named one of the “100 Best Communities for Music Education” by the National Association of Music Makers (NAMM) for the 14th year in a row in 2018. The criteria used in judging music education included the percentage of music courses that are required versus elective, class sizes, the size of the music staff, as well as community resources that support music and the arts. Quaker Valley students continue to compete and excel at the local, regional, state and national levels.

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Headed home after a QV victory! Should be pulling into the Hs around 10:45...have to unpack and clean up upon arrival—most students should be ready by 11.

Game going slowly....QV up 23-20 with 10:30 left in the game. At this point pickup will likely be at least 10:30–updates as we have them!

“Often...music education...(is) cut...(to) focus on math, science, and English...The irony is that music education...can be the very thing that improves all-around academic achievement and an ideal way to have students learn more holistically in schools." https://t.co/SGLj9or7iD

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Music is

Elementary students are “tuned in” to music beginning in the first grade. Music exploration and learning is achieved through singing, playing of classroom instruments, movement, and listening to music. Students are exposed to a variety of musical styles including traditional folk songs, patriotic music, and multicultural music. Creativity is constantly fostered, encouraged, and celebrated.

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