“It is our mission as the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band to enthusiastically and consistently strive for the utmost effort from everyone in creating an ever-higher standard of Musicianship. 

We achieve this by fostering a welcoming, helpful atmosphere of self-motivation, respect and pride.  We have pride in ourselves, our band, our school and our community.”



Normally, the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band Handbook creates a structure for all events and activities related to the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band.  This year, under the exceptional circumstances of the COVID-19 pandemic, the following selections of the handbook supplement the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band Resocialization Plan 2020-21.

The following excerpts of our standard Marching Band Handbook should also be considered extensions of the Quaker Valley School District Student Handbook.  These excerpts are intended to inform band members and their families of the responsibilities of membership in this organization. Students and parents should be familiar with the contents of this page and consult it along with the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band Resocialization Plan 2020-21 as the primary source of regulations and procedures of the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band.


Students in the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band who are also in the High School Concert Band receive academic credit for their participation in the ensemble.  Details of grading for these students (designated “Honors Band” students) can be found in the class syllabus for band on Schoology.  Students who are exclusively in Marching Band, but not in Concert Band, are graded as way of assessing their performance and standing in the group.  These grades however, while visible in PowerSchool, do not count for academic credit.  Students who are exclusively in Marching Band may be removed from the Marching Band if their grade falls to a “C” or lower. 

Grades for performances and rehearsals are given based upon execution, preparedness, and conduct.  All scheduled performances and rehearsals, including those that occur over the summer and those that take place on weekends, will be graded and are mandatory.



Student attendance at all rehearsals and performances is essential to maintain the highest possible standards.  Unlike many other activities, in Marching Band, every student is essential to the success of the entire group at all times.  Therefore, all scheduled rehearsals and performances are mandatory.  Apart from how important attendance is to our success, attendance is also taken very seriously to justify the academic credit Honors Band students receive for their commitment to and fulfillment of their responsibilities to the Marching Band.

The safety of all students, staff and their families is priority one.  The COVID-19 pandemic has created an exceptional circumstance where the Band Director and Band Staff understand a larger degree of flexibility is needed to accommodate attendance issues.  We want to encourage all of our stakeholders to err on the side of caution when it comes to the precautions we are all being asked to take to avoid contracting and/or spreading COVID-19.

EXCUSED AND UNEXCUSED ABSENCES: In general, absences that would legally excuse a student from a day of school will qualify as an excused absence, and absences that would not excuse a student from a day of school will not be excused.

The following will be considered specific excusable absences:

  • Any absence that is related to a COVID-19-related self-quarantine, mandatory quarantine, symptoms, or diagnosis by a student or any member of that student’s household. Parents/guardians should not send a student to band practice who has possibly been exposed to COVID-19 for fear that an absence will not be excused.
  • Non-COVID-related illness that warrants a student missing school
  • Once-in-a-lifetime family events: emergency, death in family, funeral, wedding, etc.
  • Vacation
  • Extenuating circumstances with sports or special academic events that directly conflict (missing a Friday night performance because of an early Saturday morning commitment will not be excused) and have been cleared with the Band Director as soon as possible.

The following will not be excused:

  • Work
  • SAT’s & ACT’s
  • Regular sports practice (can be negotiated on a case-by-case basis during fall sports camp week)
  • Homework/classwork issues
  • Birthday parties, picnics, etc.

Any absences that fall outside of the examples above will be at the discretion of the Band Director and Band Staff.

HOW TO EXCUSE AN ABSENCE: In the 2020-21 season, all absences should be excused by a parent/guardian sending an e-mail directly to the Band Director with the reason(s) for the student’s absence.  This should be done as far ahead of time as possible.

TARDINESS: A student will be considered tardy if they are not present once the instruction portion of rehearsal has begun/after COVID-19 screenings have concluded.  Students who show up tardy to rehearsal may not be able to be screened or accommodated.  To be on time is to be late.  To be early is to be on time.  To be late is not acceptable.

SCHEDULE CHANGES: The Band Director and Band Staff make every effort to produce accurate rehearsal and performance schedules for students and their families out of the courtesy of trying to give everyone as much time to plan around Marching Band rehearsals and performances as possible.  Under normal circumstances, schedules are released months and sometimes even beyond a year ahead of time.  We regret that the nature of this season will likely require us to operate contrary to the way we normally do—scheduling additions, cancellations, and other changes that are last-minute in nature are likely and should be expected.

While we understand that last-minute schedule changes are challenging, we also expect students and their parents/guardians to accept that these schedule changes are to be expected under our current circumstances and be as flexible and adaptable as possible.  In most cases, the above Attendance Policy will still apply to all events—even those scheduled or moved with short notice.  The Attendance Policy can be adjusted on a per-case basis at the discretion of the Band Director and members of the Band Staff.

CONSEQUENCES: An unexcused absence equates to a student forfeiting full credit for the missed event.  A tardy equates to a student forfeiting 20% of that day’s grade.


The members of the “Pride of Quaker Valley” Marching Band are expected to treat other band members, teachers, parents and any other persons or property with the utmost respect.

Band members are expected to follow all Quaker Valley School District policies in the Quaker Valley Student Handbook, the Quaker Valley High School Marching Band Resocialization Plan 2020-21, and this handbook.  Especially under our current circumstances, rule violations will be taken very seriously this season as those rules are in place for the safety of students, staff and their families.

Conduct is expected to be exemplary at all times.  The Quaker Valley High School Marching Band is one of the school district’s most visible representations of our music program, our student body, our school and our community.  The Marching Band strives to represent the best of what our music program, student body, school and community has to offer—accordingly, violations of the behavior policy will be taken very seriously.



  1. All members are to sit with their sections in the stands at all times unless otherwise directed.  Guard members who also play an instrument are expected to make a season-long commitment to either participating with the Guard or participating in their instrument section—Guard instrumentalists do not have the option to pick and choose when they play in the stands vs. when they dance with the Guard.
  2. Cell phones and/or other electronic devices may not be used at any time unless a student has expressed permission from the Band Director or other Band Staff member.
  3. Trips to the restroom will be on an as-necessary basis and should be as limited as possible.
  4. Guard members are to sit as a group and stand whenever the instrumentalists are playing.  Instrumentalists are to stand when they play (except for percussion).
  5. All members are to immediately stand and come to attention when it is noticed that a player on the field has sustained an injury that requires the game to stop.  We have an obligation to lead and set the tone for good sportsmanship at these events—that is an obligation students are expected to take seriously.
  6. No one is permitted to sit with or approach the band in the stands except for the Band Director and Staff.
  7. Students are not permitted to leave the stands for any reason unless explicitly excused by a member of the Band Staff.


  1. Instruments and equipment are expensive and fragile. Everything should be handled with care and respect.
  2. Students are responsible for their own equipment.  No sharing, no borrowing, etc.  Under no circumstances should students be handling instruments and/or equipment that is not designated for them.
  3. Students will be assigned school-owned instruments and guard equipment as necessary, and will be held financially responsible for damage to school-owned property beyond normal wear and tear, or if the damage to the property is determined to be intentional.


Procedures for drop-off/pickup related to COVID-19 screenings at routine practices will be shared with parents/guardians prior to those practices and must be followed.  Current information is listed below

Where applicable, procedures, protocols and times for drop-off and pick-up are posted on the band calendar on www.qvsdmusic.com and Charms, are texted out via group text, and are posted on the band Twitter feed, @QVHSBandOrch.  In addition, students are instructed to text or call parents/guardians for accurate and timely pickup times in the event that a pickup time has to be changed from what is scheduled. With all of this information available, it is a reasonable expectation that parents/guardians ensure that their student is picked up in a timely manner.

Students will be counted as tardy if they are dropped off late to the specified arrival time and this may negatively affect their grade.

Students may not, at any time, leave the premises on their own inclination prior to the designated pickup time.  This includes but is not limited to walking/driving home, to another student’s home, or to a store during designated rehearsal, meal or break times.  Marching Band is an extension of the school day and Marching Band students are still under the supervision of the school during all Marching Band activities.  Leaving the premises as described above is the equivalent of a student walking out of the school building while school is in session.  It is a severe offense and will be treated as such.

The Band Director is not responsible for tracking which students walk home, which students drive, which students carpool, etc.  After the designated pickup time, the Band Director is responsible for ensuring no students remain on the premises of the High School before leaving.  Individual issues regarding the manner by which students leave the premises of the High School after the designated pickup time are within the realm of parent/guardian responsibility.



CARPOOLING: Carpooling is highly discouraged but not prohibited.  Be advised that if one student in a carpool does not pass their screening, none of the students in the carpool will be permitted to participate either.

All rides dropping off should enter from Beaver Street: Pull into the one way bus loop.  Go all the way around the building as if you were going back out to Beaver Street.


*The drop off point will be wherever staff is standing to conduct screenings.
*Do not arrive early—arrive as close to the scheduled start of your rehearsal as possible.  Screenings will begin at the designated start time.
*Do not park in the parking spaces unless instructed to do so.  Form a line of cars on the road.
*Nobody should get out of the car until instructed by the staff member doing the screenings.  Only the participating student should get out of the car when the screening is complete.
*Students should have their mask on when they arrive so we know they have it (students without a mask will not be permitted to exit the car).
*A band staff member will ask the four screening questions and take your child’s temperature with a temporal thermometer.  When the staff member determines the student has passed the screening, they may exit the vehicle with their belongings and will be directed where to go.
*Students who do not pass the screening must remain in their vehicle and the adult driving them must exit the high school facility.  If the reason for not passing the screening is suspected to be an issue with the temperature, rides may be asked to park in the shade and/or loop around the building again to allow for a second temperature check.


*The pickup point will be the same—by the visitor parking spaces before exiting back out to Beaver Street.
*Do not arrive early—arrive as close to the scheduled end of rehearsal as possible.
*Do not arrive late.  The staff needs time to clean and reset before the next rehearsal session.
*Do not park in the parking spaces.  Form a line of cars on the road.
*Do not get out of your vehicle.

*All students driving themselves should enter the high school facility via 65/Ohio River Boulevard and should park either in the lower lot or on the hill.


*Do not arrive early—arrive as close to the scheduled start of your rehearsal as possible.  Screenings will begin at the designated start time.
*Stay in your vehicle until 1-2 minutes before the designated start time.  Walk to the screening area by the upper parking lot.  Put your mask on prior to arriving at the screening area so we know you have it.
*A band staff member will ask you the four screening questions and take your temperature with a temporal thermometer.  When the staff member determines you’ve passed the screening, you’ll be directed where to go.
*If you do not pass the screening, you must immediately return to your vehicle with all belongings and exit the high school facility.


*At the conclusion of the rehearsal, bring all of your belongs with you and return to your vehicle.  Do not loiter.  Exit the high school facility at either location (Beaver St. or 65/Ohio River Boulevard).


  1. DRESS FOR THE WEATHER.  In order to do so, you must CHECK THE WEATHER FORECAST.
  2. Have rain gear.  Rehearsal can and will take place in the rain.
  3. Wear socks and OLD tennis shoes (new tennis shoes will increase the likelihood of getting blisters when marching).  Sandals, flip-flops, crocs, boots, etc. are not permitted and will result in a deduction of preparedness points.  Barefoot marching is not permitted and is a safety hazard.
  4. Use sunscreen, and UV lip balm/chap-stick.
  5. Use sunglasses and a hat.
  6. Wear lightweight, light-colored clothing
  7. Bring all the water you might drink within a given rehearsal with you.  Do not assume you will have access to water.  Hydration breaks in rehearsal are not optional and are specifically timed with the help of a registered nurse to ensure dehydration will not occur.
  8. Wearing spandex shorts under regular shorts can prevent skin irritation while marching in hot weather conditions.
  9. Later in the season, plan to wear clothing that will keep you warm for extended periods of time outdoors. It is YOUR responsibility to ensure that you will be comfortable given the weather conditions.  



While it is acknowledged that there is a lot to know when it comes to Marching Band (especially for new members, and especially under the unique circumstances of this year), “not knowing” is not an excuse when it comes to our policies, expectations, and scheduled commitments.  It is the responsibility of each student and their parents/guardians to connect with the many ways we make information available. 

  1. Charms: Charms is an online application that allows the Band Staff to track instrument and uniform inventories, keep track of paperwork, attendance and financial items, post calendar items, solicit volunteers and more. The most valuable aspect of Charms is that students and parents have the ability to keep their own contact information up to date.  You may also view our calendar, volunteer for volunteer needs, see what inventory items are signed out to you and more.  Every student in the Quaker Valley High School Instrumental Music Program has a Charms account and is expected to use it.

    Login online: Our “school code” on charmsoffice.com is “qvhsinstrumental.”  Your password does not change unless you change it.  If you do not have a password, receive your default password by e-mailing the Band Director.Use the app:  On your mobile devices, download the free “Charms Blue” app to have access to Charms functions everywhere.

    There are not separate student and parent accounts on Charms—a student’s account is shared by that student and their parents.  It is suggested that you choose an easy to remember password so that everyone can access the account.

  1. www.qvsdmusic.com: The website for the High School Marching Band contains more detailed information about different aspects of the program and is the best place to visit if you have questions about the program or its policies.
  2. Remind: We utilize “Remind” for text alerts and notifications. Download the free “Remind” app on your mobile device and subscribe to @qvmb, or text @qvmb to 81010 on your mobile device.
  3. @QVHSBandOrch on Twitter: If you are currently on Twitter, follow us @QVHSBandOrch. If you’re not on Twitter, consider joining!  If you’d like to follow our Twitter feed but don’t want to join Twitter, you can follow the feed on the qvsdmusic.com website.
  4. E-mail: E-mail is the primary method of communication in our organization. Both students and their parents/guardians should ensure that the e-mail addresses listed in their Charms account are current, accurate and their preferred e-mail addresses (Students should use QV Mail ONLY!).  Check e-mail daily, and especially prior to a scheduled rehearsal or other commitment.E-mail is also the fastest and easiest way to get in touch with the Band Director or other member of the Band Staff.


Any policies not covered by this handbook will be determined at the discretion of the Band Director and Band Staff with appropriate guidance and approval from school administration and/or school board as necessary.


In the 2020-21 season, ALL students must have the following completed before they will be allowed to participate in any Marching Band activities:

  • Participation Waiver for Communicable Diseases Including COVID-19 -AND-
  • Quaker Valley High School Marching Band Medical Form

If your child requires medication during the school day and/or is required to carry emergency medication such as an inhaler or epi-pen, the following is also required:

  • Updated and On-File Quaker Valley High School Medication Administration Request Form -OR-
  • Quaker Valley High School Marching Band Emergency Medication Administration Waiver Letter

Hard copies or scans of these forms must be completed and turned in to the Nurse Gilmore (gilmorea@qvsd.org) before students will be allowed to participate in any band events.